Input batch feeders – Our products

What makes our Havelberger scraper-chain input batch feeders so special

  • Versatile, even for difficult input materials.
  • Decompacting unit with tailored opening rollers.
  • Large silo volumes up to 200 m³.
  • Throughputs up to 300 m³/h.
  • Precise, infinitely variable metering thanks to frequency-control drives and weighing.
  • Robust and reliable thanks to a durable industry standard – very strong chains.
  • No bridging thanks to vertical side walls
  • Controlled draining of fluids into a watertight silo – impervious to surge water
  • Low power consumption thanks to efficient drives and tailored installed power.
  • Wear-resistant thanks to special coating and material selection.
  • Efficient continuous mixing.
  • Optional equalisation attachment (bed level equaliser) for complete filling with selecting material feeding (first in – first out).
  • Wide range of additional equipment possible.
  • Low maintenance costs – easy servicing.
  • Project-specific order processing – we build your input batch feeder!