The H10 input batch feeder has proven its worth in the filling of feeding systems for large livestock herds for many decades. The ability to receive large volumes of animal feed from a transport vehicle and to discharge this onto the feed line, through the day, in a metered and homogenised manner makes the input batch feeder the ideal starting point for an animal feed system. A good mixture of bulk solids can easily be produced using multiple input batch feeders and various feed components. The use of a scraper-chain makes the feeding of corn silage, grass silage or whole crop silage, as well as straw and other substances with long fibres, possible. Straw and grass silage bales can be broken down with the H10. The Havelberger H825/826 mineral batch feeder provides the addition of other special feed.

Straw and grass silage bales can also be broken down and cut with the H10 straw head.

Examples for the field of agriculture